ISNIE 2010

14th Annual Conference of
The International Society for New Institutional Economics
held at University of Stirling, Scotland, UK
June 17 – 19, 2010

Keynote speakers
Elinor Ostrom
Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, 2009
Oliver E Williamson
Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, 2009
Bruno Frey
University of Zurich

Conference program

Papers details as they have been posted by the authors

Organizing committee:
Frank Stephen, The University of Manchester, UK
Members :
Veneta Andonova
Daniel Berkowitz
Jean-Philippe Colin
Ricard Gil
Dean Lueck
Antonio Nicita
Carlos Pereira
Stéphane Saussier
Jon Stern
Stefan Voigt
Dean V. Williamson
Giorgio Zanarone
Decio Zylbersztajn