Our Field

What is institutional economics? What is organizational economics? Which fields - or disciplines - relate to the study of Institutional and Organizational Economics (IOE)? How does all this relate to "New Institutional Economics"?

In this website section, we aim at providing an introduction to the various perspectives on IOE, how they have developed in the last decades, where we stand today, and what major challenges lie ahead for this unique meeting place of the social sciences.

One way to demarcate the field is as follows:

  1. Institutional & Organizational Economics comprises studies of governance mechanisms both at the organizational and at the institutional level.
  2. It is rooted in economics but open regarding research methodology, as long as the methodology is based on logic and thereby produces falsifiable results.
  3. Cross-disciplinary research approaches are an integral part of the field, bearing in mind that each approach or discipline may have something useful to say (subject to point 2.) to improve our understanding of subjects outlined in point 1.

If you sympathize with this description, our annual conference - and this website, to have some food for thought throughout the year - may be interesting for you.