Key Resources: (Not Only) For Students


Are you a (prospective) student or a researcher interested in institutional or organizational economics, broadly defined? Here we list a few resources that can make it easier to understand this interdisciplinary field better. The lists are neither complete nor aimed to be definitive.

Some graduate-level courses on institutions and/or organizations (syllabi accessible without passwords):

Summer schools and regular workshops:

  • Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy (formerly: ESNIE European School on New Institutional Economics): an annual summer school organized by Eric Brousseau (Paris-Dauphine) in Corsica, involving many researchers related to SIOE.
  • The Ronald Coase Institute organizes annual workshops on institutional analysis targeting young scholars.
  • The Summer Institute For Behavioral and Social Scientists: Organizations and their Effectiveness is run by Bob Gibbons (MIT) and Woody Powell (Stanford) at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.
  • The Workshop on Relational Contracts is an annual workshop organized by Dan Barron (Northwestern Kellogg), Matthias Fahn (Kepler University Linz), Marta Troya (New Economic School), and Giorgio Zanarone (Washington University in St. Louis). The workshop promotes a conversation between economists and scholars in law, management and other social sciences, who view relational governance as key to understand the functioning of markets, firms, and social institutions.

Some recent research books offering a broader perspective on institutions and/or organizations ... :

... and some classics:

Some academic journals that frequently publish research in IOE:

Online databases of contracts with US state governments: