26th Annual Conference of the
Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics

The Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (SIOE) studies institutions and organizations, primarily from the perspective of economics with a goal of integrating this work with strategy, political science, and law. In 2022, SIOE will hold its annual conference (hopefully in person) Thursday, June 23 through Saturday, June 25, at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Plenary keynote addresses will be given by Siwan Anderson (UBC) and Erik Brynjolfsson (Stanford), with a Presidential address by Robert Gibbons (MIT). As one theme of the conference will be the challenges of artificial intelligence, digital platforms, and big data, in collaboration with the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society we are planning to hold tutorials (“bootcamps”) to introduce SIOE researchers to these topics on Thursday, June 23 prior to the conference’s opening keynote at 5 p.m. Submissions related to this theme are especially encouraged.

There will be parallel sessions composed from submitted papers and several organized sessions. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, January 30 (11:59 pm in any time zone). Submissions of individual papers and proposed organized sessions are welcome. Submission details are below.

Submitters will be asked to identify a principal discipline for their submission (Economics, Strategy, Political Science, Law or History) and to identify a topic area from the following:

  • Governance within organizations
    • Such as motivation & incentives, communication & decision-making, delegation, management practices, organizational culture, structure, corporate governance
  • Governance between organizations
    • Such as formal contracts, relational contracts, alliances, procurement, vertical integration, lateral integration, franchising, hybrid organizational forms
  • Polycentric governance (Ostrom, AER 2010)
    • Such as communities, cooperatives, common-pool resources, associations, leagues, organized crime, treaties, networks, social movements, collective action
  • Institutions and organizations in the public sector
    • Such as bureaucracy, legislatures, political parties, constitutions, courts, federalism, public-private partnerships, regulation
  • Institutions and organizations in political economy
    • Such as autocracy, transition, reform, corruption, rule of law, property rights, enforcement of law
  • Culture and institutions
    • Such as religion, slavery, race, gender, media, norms

The members of the conference’s executive committee are:

  • Ghazala Azmat (Sciences Po)
  • Roberta Galbiati (Sciences Po)
  • Claudine Gartenberg (Penn)
  • Ricard Gil (Queen’s)
  • Gabriele Gratton (New South Wales)
  • Gillian Hadfield (Toronto) (chair)
  • Maija Halonen (Bristol)
  • Scott Masten (Michigan)
  • Nathan Nunn (Harvard)
  • Mariana Prado (Toronto)
  • Catherine Thomas (LSE)

Submission details:

  • Electronic submission through the website below is the only means of submission.
  • Submission of complete papers is encouraged but not required. Unpolished drafts are more likely to inform the committee than are lengthy abstracts.
  • Submitting a paper indicates the submitter’s intention to present the paper. Of course, events may intervene.
  • An individual may submit only one paper. No individual may be a co-author on more than two submissions.
  • To help the committee assemble the program
    • submitters should please indicate a principal discipline and a primary topic from the six broad topic areas above for their paper (recognizing that the goal of SIOE is strongly interdisciplinary so many papers will not be solely within that discipline or topic and we especially invite papers that seek to integrate work across disciplines and topics; the review process will take this into account and use reviewers from other disciplines/topics as appropriate)
    • session organizers must send a file with the name of the session and the 3 proposed papers with their authors to sends e-mail); all presenters proposed for the panel must also submit their papers in the online submission form, indicating the name of the session organizer; incomplete sessions (i.e. sessions for which papers are not also submitted in the online system) will not be accepted
  • Submitters of accepted papers will be notified in late March.
  • All papers presented at the conference will automatically be considered for the Oliver Williamson best-paper prize.
  • The website for submissions is
  • The 2022 SIOE conference website is