Conference of EU Commission on Institutions

By Jens Prüfer

On November 13-15, 2023, the European Commission will organize a large conference, called Annual Research Conference (ARC 2023), which aims at bringing together academic research(ers), Commission staff members, and policy makers. This year's conference should be especially interesting for SIOE members because:

  • The topic is "European integration, institutions and development."
  • The EU Commission took initiative and expressed strong interest in getting in touch with the research community on Institutional and Organizational Economics.They realize a deficit of knowledge in these areas and are very open to scholarly and policy-oriented input. This is reflected by "satellite events" around the main conference day, which offer researchers and Commission staff members and policy makers various forms of interaction.
  • Some selected papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Comparative Economics.
  • There will be a keynote lecture by Tim Besley (LSE).
  • Various SIOE members are involved in the conference organization and selection of papers.

The submission deadline for research papers is May 31, 2023. A full call for papers is here.