Data Suggestion: Contracts with State Governments

By Patrick L. Warren

As public information laws have strengthened over time in the US States, many states have taken the preemptive step of posting commonly requested documents online. This has led to a nice collection websites of contracts with state governments. The depth and quality of these data vary enormously, but I want to commend to your attention the particularly fine collection of contracts published by Florida. You can search by many contractual terms, download results, and, in many cases, access the full text of the original contract and any amendments. Despite their richness, I've never seen these data used for any academic project.  I'd love to see some at next year's SIOE in Paris.

Beyond Florida, I've attached my best attempt of a list of the state websites, in hopes that our membership can use these data to do some great work. It will be permenantly posted here. I'm excited to see what you can do with it.,4541,7-225-48680---,00.html