LearnIOE: Educational Videos on Institutional & Organizational Economics

By Eric Brousseau

LearnIOE is a platform of educational videos aiming at promoting the dissemination of knowledge in institutional and organizational economics (IOE). It was developed by the Governance and Regulation Chair of the Paris Dauphine-PSL University and is based on a very rich network of researchers in this field, articulated around the Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics ( SIOE) as well as the Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy (IOEA).

The platform is organized around educational videos of ten minutes each presenting both the basic concepts and the recent works around the main structuring issues in this field. These videos can be linked together and are completed by information about their authors, links and reference texts. This content, which is meant to be enriched, is made available to everyone with free access.

This platform will also gradually develop, on a sharing mode, a set of educational resources allowing to deepen the understanding of organizations and mechanisms promoting exchanges or collective action, institutional dynamics, and alternative governance regimes.

These resources can be used individually or as part of an educational program. They are designed for students in economics, management and social sciences, but also for public and private sector executives as well as anyone involved in public policy debates: decision-makers, citizens, journalists.

The Governance and Regulation Chair thanks the Paris-Dauphine University, the PSL University, as well as the many academics who contributed to the production of these videos, for their continuous support throughout the development of this project. 

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