SIOE 2020 Conference Streaming Program + a New Feature

By Bob Gibbons

The full program of the conference that was planned to be held at MIT consists of 80 sessions. It will be posted in this page in early June---including each paper’s abstract and, if the author(s) so choose, a link to the paper.

There will not be an in-person conference. Instead:

  • Nine sessions selected by the executive committee will be streamed on Friday, June 19. See for details about the nine sessions and the overall structure of the event.
  • There will be a fresh submission process for the 2021 SIOE conference. All submissions to the 2020 conference are eligible to join the fresh submission process in 2021 (although papers in the streamed sessions should of course be radically altered if submitted again).
  • There is no fee to attend the streamed sessions, but registration is required by June 14 at Zoom links and passwords will be emailed on June 15.
  • Streaming will occur from 10:30am to 3:45pm. (All times are ET—e.g., New York.) Regrettably, there is no time that is convenient for all SIOE members; this timing seemed least bad for this event.
  • Three awards will be announced on June 19: the Ronald Coase Award for best dissertation on a SIOE topic; the Douglass North Award for the best book on a SIOE topic published in the past two years; and the Oliver Williamson Award for the best paper on the full conference program. (The Elinor Ostrom Award for lifetime achievement will next be given in 2021.)
  • Finally, in this unusual year, there will be a new feature of this year’s conference: junior attendees will be matched with senior SIOE members for a 20-minute chat at a time of the pair’s choosing. Details will be included with the links and passwords on June 15.

More details can be found on the conference homepage and here as PDF file.